Month: July 2023

How Our Karrinyup Dental Clinic Provides Pain-Free Dentistry

Imagine going to the dentist and experiencing a completely pain-free dental visit. It may seem like an impossible dream, but at our Karrinyup Dental Clinic, we make it a reality for our patients every day. In fact, studies have shown that over 75% of people experience some level of dental fear or anxiety, often due…

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Enhance Your Smile With A Cosmetic Dentist In Perth: Unlocking Dental Beauty

Are you hesitant about visiting a cosmetic dentist in Perth to enhance your smile? Perhaps you're worried about the cost or the potential discomfort associated with dental procedures. But let me assure you, unlocking dental beauty and achieving your dream smile is well worth it. With the expertise of a top cosmetic dentist in Perth,…

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How Long Does Dentist Numbing Last?

Many people feel numb after having dental procedures done. The numbness is caused by injections that take place before the procedure starts. The numbness in your teeth will usually last for one to two hours. The numbness in your lips and cheeks may last for up to three hours. You can help the numbness wear…

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